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Seach Engine Optimisation

Good SEO allows your business to climb Google’s search results and dramatically increase the number of people interacting with your business.

You may be asking yourself what is the benefit of SEO and do I need it? To answer this question simply type in "optician" followed by your location.

Pillars of SEO

Technical Audit

This is a check of your site’s overall health and optimisation. During this process we will assess your website for any errors, any broken links, site speed, and many other factors that affect your site’s performance on Google.

Content Creation

Part of any good SEO strategy is content creation. It sounds simple but Google rewards good, thorough content that it believes will be useful or answer the searcher’s query.

It will also crawl and index websites that produce content on a regular basis over websites that remain untouched for years and therefore rank these websites higher on Google searches.

Link Building

Another cornerstone of SEO is link building, links are built through digital PR, guest posting, and great linkable content creation.

Gaining links from other high-quality and trusted websites tells Google that you are a thought leader in your field and this builds Google’s trust in your website. All impacting your SEO.

Enough Talk, Let's Get To Work