Ace Eyewear

“Optomise improved our search ranking results so we are now ranking number one for opticians in Wimbledon, out performing the big multiples"


We were hired by Ace Eyewear in September this year, as they had noticed their website had dropped to number in Google’s Search Rankings and they were no longer appearing regularly in the Map Pack rankings for opticians in their area.

The most important search terms were “opticians wimbledon” and “opticians in wimbledon” as these are local searchers who require an optician.

The objective was to get Ace Eyewear ranked number one for these search terms and increase the number of new patients interacting with the business.


Once we had performed our initial technical SEO audit we made tweaks to improve the overall health of the clients website.

The next stage was to improve the clients on-page SEO essentially the content on their website, we re-wrote a number of older blog posts that had good unique content but wasn't optimised for SEO and the topics had little search volume. These pages are now on the rise for competitive keywords like "how much is an eye test" or "clear glasses frames" that have high search traffic and will improve the websites credibility and authority as an optician which is an important factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

We then got to work on their backlink profile authoring a number of guest posts on health and fashion websites to again help the websites authority.

Over the next few months we continued producing great quality content for their website alongside guest posting.

The Outcome

As of early December, Ace Eyewear is now ranking number one for both their key search terms meaning hundreds of potential customers are now visiting their website.

They are now appearing in the Map Pack for 96% of Local Searches and their website traffic has improved by 49%.

Mission Accomplished, however, we aren’t stopping there we will be continuing to work with Ace Eyewear to maintain their rankings.

Ace Eyewear Tracking Ubersuggest